The GIS landscape is constantly evolving and in my attempts to keep up I've undertaken many interesting projects for many interesting clients. From application development to cartography, from market assessments to rapid prototyping, I've implemented, learnt and taught geospatial.

After studying geography and GIS, I began  professional life as a GIS Analyst in upstream oil and gas. I was nudged into esri customization before jumping into application development with a variety of COTS and open source technologies. I now work for Deloitte in Washington, DC having arrived from London (where I'm from) in 2012. 

I'm always happy to talk geo, so feel free to contact me if you have a project to discuss, have bumped into me at a conference, or have helped me in a forum thread. My group is always interested in new talent, so if you're looking then get in touch.

When I was in school I chose to study geography because the field trips were fun. I asked my geography teacher what I should do at university and he told me 'GIS is going to be big in the future'. 

I now consider myself to be a geospatial  analyst/consultant/developer/enthusiast/teacher/student depending on my current engagement and teammates.  

James Parker, GISP PMP

Geospatial All-Rounder - it's a cricket term